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The ambit odem pro was designed in such a way that there is no need to intervene in existing systems during assembly and operational processes are not disrupted during installation. The required number of pieces per company is calculated individually according to geometrical and company-specific principles based on a building plan.

Whether office, hotel or production hall

That’s why you should rely on odem

Our products are already used by leading companies in various industries.



All of our products have been researched for many years and



Future made in Austria: Our products



As a company, there is always only one perspective: the future. Our Products and concepts are geared towards just one goal: to support your company in a successful future.

Your advantages

More well-being

More focus

Less sick leave

Better teamwork and motivation

Low assembly effort

Resilient employees

Efficient work

No wear

One-time acquisition costs

No running costs, no maintenance tasks

Our references

Our references

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