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ambit odem pro

The ambit odem pro consists of a high quality, black anodized aluminum housing. Inside is our programmed carrier material, which is the core component and ensures the positive effects of our technology.

The effect of the ambit odem pro

Reduces fine dust pollution

The ambit odem pro reduces fine dust pollution in the air. The effect is that the charged fine dust particles are discharged again through the installation of the ambit odem pro. The negative ions are distributed evenly in the room again, bind with the fine dust particles and let them sink to the floor. If the particulate matter pollution decreases, the number of dry carriers of infection also decreases. The result is clean, pure and healthy air.

Electrosmog is tolerated

Electrosmog is the term for the electromagnetic waves that emanate from all technical devices and power lines. These interference frequencies affect the body and the psyche. The ambit odem pro makes this low and high frequency radiation tolerable for humans. The hotel guest can relax again in the odem sphere, sleep better and feel more energy and vitality.

Stimulates the autonomic nervous system

By improving the ionization and making electrosmog compatible, the autonomic nervous system is no longer constantly overstimulated. Since the ambit odem pro promotes the regulation and stimulus processing ability of the autonomic nervous system, the body reacts better again to wellness offers, therapies and medical applications of the hotel. The hotel guest experiences noticeably faster effects. The willingness to come back and recommend the hotel is increasing.

“Since I’ve been using odem products, I’ve been sleeping very well as a hotel manager in every other hotel on my business trips.”

General Manager of a leading hotel in Europe

Promote the well-being of your guests

Restful sleep

By stimulating the autonomic
The hotel guest’s nervous system
Let go faster and relax

More energy through less particulate matter

By restoring a natural
The hotel guest feels ionization
energetic, fresh and vital.

Relaxed atmosphere

In the unique atmosphere of the
ambit odem pro increases well-being
of the hotel guest. He feels
lifted, is open-minded and
happy to buy.

Create a vital environment for everyone

Nature and technology united

With the ambit odem pro
Hotel to the guest and the employee:
inside maximum comfort without yourself
using modern technology
having to restrict.

Increases guest satisfaction

In the sphere of ambit odem pro
are the employees: balanced on the inside,
open and attentive. This
increases the satisfaction of hotel guests.

Resilient employees

The employees are through
an improved ability to regulate
of the autonomic nervous system balanced
and resilient.

We advise you for an individual solution

Klaus Gurtner

Sales manager

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Individual offer

A tailor-made offer will be created for you based on your building plan.

Product co-branding

Upon request, all of our products can be provided with your logo and.

Employee training

When your hotel is equipped, your employees receive free training from odem.

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Our references

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